‘Minari’ classified as ‘foreign language film’ and Asian Americans are reminded once again of the hierarchy of languages in Amerikkka

Image from A24’s Minari. Steven Yeun is as done with this shit as I am.

Imagine a movie.

Directed by an American.

Starring American actors.

Set in America.

Produced by an American company.

Distributed by an American company.

About Americans chasing the so-called “American Dream”.

Now imagine that being called a “foreign” film.

You don’t have to keep imagining, because that’s exactly what happened with ‘Minari’ tonight, as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) announced that ‘Minari’ would compete in the foreign language film category and not in the primary best picture category at the Golden Globes.

‘Minari’ is a semi-autobiographical film written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung about a family of South Korean…

another stream of consciousness post

It feels impossible to do anything sometimes.

It feels impossible to get out of bed, to eat food, to turn on my computer.

It feels impossible to even think in complete ideas.

I’m not sure when this started. Maybe it was post-2019 when I parted ways with my previous job and entered this constant limbo of unemployment. I think something in my head snapped back then, or maybe it was just the years of overwork and burn-out finally catching up to me.

Whatever it was, or is, it’s been incredibly difficult to focus and work on just about everything. I’m…

Maybe I should go draw instead

I’ve started a lot of articles over the past year, only to stop halfway and not work on them anymore. Trying to focus on one thing is tough. Editing is tough. Not being able to include the graphics that I want is tough.

I haven’t been able to concentrate much at all lately. But there are so many things that I want to talk about. I want to write a zine, maybe, but I don’t know where to start. Mistakes feel so permanent, and it feels like I have to get it all right on the first try.

Equality, Equity, and Abolition

Three-panel graphic. First panel titled “Equality”, second titled “Equity”, and third titled “Liberation”.
Three-panel graphic. First panel titled “Equality”, second titled “Equity”, and third titled “Liberation”.

This is…

An intermediate reference that includes iterative versions including and excluding use of Babel and Webpack

This is an intermediate level write-up of using React with a Flask backend, without using create-react-app. This post details many of the steps to set up a Flask application that uses React, ultimately with Babel and Webpack used as your compiler and bundler.

I’m currently working on a version of this post that’s even more abridged (that jumps directly to the Webpack + Babel iteration without all the extra beginning steps that this write-up includes). I’ll link it here when it’s done.


This assumes you already know React and Flask, and know roughly what Babel and Webpack do, or are…

Like meeting someone from the past you forgot existed

I remember in elementary school I used to draw comics in my spare time.

I don’t remember when this memory came back to me. Maybe it was in a dream, maybe it was something my mind wandered to on one of these all-too-familiar sleepless nights. But somewhere between the waking world and the sleeping one, I was visited by memories of someone who now felt so foreign to me. A stranger who shared my name long ago.

I remember the sheer excitement I used to have when I saw a blank white page. The funny thing is, I still feel…

Talking to myself & trying to convince myself I can do it

It all started with this tweet:

From 2017–2019, I worked at an educational non-profit focused on diversity and inclusion efforts in the AI field. My specific work was on creating curriculum and content for summer programs for high school students who are underrepresented in computer science. I created curriculum in a very broad sense, including: lecture slides, hands-on programming assignments, Jupyter Notebooks, schedules for the program themselves, social activities for the students during the program, guides to help instructors on the ground, etc. It covered a lot, and it was a huge challenge to pull off. …

Ancient theatre at Epidaurus (source)

A few years ago¹, I attended a philosophy talk at NYU on “The Mind” that focused on the topics of consciousness and visual perception. In attendance was the famed philosopher of mind Ned Block, who presented a bit on his work on perceptual precision, specifically regarding links between vision, attention, and consciousness. What is it like to perceive something? How do our bodily systems of vision (the eyes and the visual cortex of the brain) play a role in our ability to perceive? …

Answering the age-old Fate question: “Where do I start?”

I’ve been quarantining in my apartment for the past few months now due to the coronavirus pandemic, and I decided that of course, this was the perfect time to finally get into the Fate series. As a huge anime fan, I thought this would be an easy new franchise to really dig into… until I asked the question, “So where do I start?”

Fans of the series will understand the intense depth of emotions that arise when confronted with this question, which has been hotly debated in the fandom for years. Any proposed answer is nothing short of controversial —…

Readings in race, gender, and technology & society

Photo by Wells Lucas Santo. Please credit when reposting. My top shelf of books at the start of 2020.

After posting the above image of one of my bookshelves to Twitter, a few folks have asked me to list the book titles out along with links to where each can be purchased. In this post, I list 30 books that are currently on my top shelf, all of which I highly recommend. (Note that my selections below do not exactly match those in the image above.)

This is not a reading list, nor is it an exhaustive list of books in any one subject. While the majority of these books relate in topics of race, gender, education, and technology…

AI: The Answer.

Today, we’re going to talk about artificial intelligence, often abbreviated as IA — wait, no, I meant AI… er, let’s start over from the top.

Today, we’re going to talk about augmented intelligence, often abbreviated as AI. Now, when I was in school, the very first thing teachers did to help me understand a new subject was to define it. So what is AI? Experts disagree — we don’t know. Simple enough, isn’t i — wait, what?

off camera

A: Wait what do you mean we don’t know

I: We don’t… we just don’t kn —

A: Oh my god…

wells lucas santo

queer, southeast asian educator on societal implications of artificial intelligence. looking for full-time employment!

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